Diabetic Diet Nutrition

The life of a diabetic presents many challenges indeed. To a diabetic it is very important to realize the relation between carbohydrate intake and managing their diabetes since carbohydrates quickly turn into sugar in the body blood glucose levels are drastically changed. Choose a diet that is a balance of your necessary nutrients and minerals. In these following paragraphs let us talk about some do's and don'ts about diabetic diet nutrition.

Do: Eat high fiber vegetables

Fiber rich vegetables are excellent for diabetics (and all of us) since fiber does not raise blood sugar.Ideally the vegetables should be eaten raw.A short list of high fiber veggies includes California avocados,fresh sun dried tomatoes,and avocados from Florida.

Do: Eat Plenty of Fresh Fruit

Raw high fiber fruits are also a must for any balanced diabetic diet. Sadly orange juice from a bottle does not count. My friend at work says he misses that the most. But I digress apples, figs, pears and many others are your best bets for high fiber fruits.

Don't: Eat Canned or Dried Fruits

Actually dried and canned have an unhealthy increased sugar level so it is best to avoid them as much as possible

Do: Eat Protein

Meat is not the only source of protein out there. A diabetic must limit their intake of meat so a solution must be found.It may be splitting hairs but a meat substitute could consist of veal, lamb, chicken, turkey or fish high in omega 3 oil like mackerel and salmon. Almost anything from the bean group is a great source of protein and of course the good old standby eggs (just watch the cholesterol). Limit the amount of dairy products as these can introduce some unhealthy fats.

Don't: Eat Unhealthy Fats

Trans Fats and Saturated fats found in margarine, butter and shortening are big no-no's. Try Canola, Olive Oil or nuts instead.

Do: Eat Whole Grains

These belong to the good carbohydrate category. Oats, barley, oatmeal all meet the needs of a diabetic diet.

Being a diabetic is not the end of your culinary life. A balanced moderate diet at regular times with the emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables is your best bet.

Diabetic diet nutrition is easy and tasty, enjoy one today.

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